Once more into the fray!

Epsi aO posted Jul 17, 16

Hello friends and family!

TLDR: PG is headed once more into the fray, and we want you to kill things with us! See below for discord information!

As most of you are aware, the newest World of Warcraft Expansion, “Legion”, is launching August 30, 2016. The 7.0 pre-patch launches this Tuesday, July 19th and I wanted to blast out a mass message to everyone letting you all know Praetorian Guards is still going strong and we’d love to have you all come back.

We’ve already heard from many former members that had taken a break that they will be back for Legion. We think now is the best time. In the weeks leading to Legion, we’ll be running some “fun runs” of the current content. If you haven’t attended one of these, you’re in for a good time. These runs will introduce you to some of our newest members and help build guild cohesion.
In addition, Legion has gotten one of the biggest gear resets of recent expansions meaning by level 104, most people will be replacing their highest tier (Mythic) Warlords gear. So for those that have been away from the game, you’ll be caught right back up to the rest of the team.

Finally, we’ve been playing in the Legion Alpha/Beta for almost 9 months now and can truly attest to the fun and exciting gameplay we’re in store for. From the massive Quality of Life improvements, to the various new methods of progressing your character, we think this expansion will have something for everyone. For those that are unable to make our raiding schedule, we encourage you to still come and check out the expansion with us! There is a plethora of content available for smaller 5 man groups, still allowing you to obtain raid-quality gear, without the overhead involved with raiding! We would like to see several “5-man” teams running the content helping to build the cohesive guild that we all enjoy!

So please consider returning to the team! You can find us on our new Discord server

Hope to see you soon,
Epsi#1342 & Therosian#1875

We are in the process of transitioning to Discord, and as such, this website will be minimally maintained.

Please join the Praetorian Guards Community in Discord.

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This is Praetorian Guards Discord Server. Follow this link to see what discord is all about.

If you would like to download the app, on your phone, or on your PC, then go here!

We hope to see you all in there!

EDIT: I WAS WRONG! The correct usage of the idiom is "Keeping up with the Joneses." I erroneously used the Johnson Family, and I would like to formally apologize to them. Additionally I have setup a gofundme account to compensate them for any hardship I may have caused.

11/13 Heroic!

Epsi aO posted Aug 2, 15