As previously mentioned, all current guild member are required to re-app to the raid team for Warlords of Draenor raiding. Please visit this thread for instructions and the proper format to use.
Epsi aa Yes, ilvl 630 is required for apping. Please do not app until you're there.
Blindsay If we are planning on raiding but aren't at the required ilvl (but will be by raid time) should we hold off on posting t ...

Mythic Garrosh DEAD!

Therosian a posted Oct 20, 14

What makes PG different?

Therosian a posted Oct 11, 14
With every single raiding guild out there wanting to be the best, there are some that take a different approach to the game. We are that different approach.

- We're old. The guild was formed prior to the release of WoW (during open beta) and has always been a consistent presence in progression. We value individuals looking for an environment in which they deem comfortable to play in, and engage all members in that environment. 

-This is our home, and has always been. Majority of our members have been playing the game together for many years, and engage in activities outside the game together. This is a community of like minded individuals.

- We're organized. This means that the guild is organized around a constitution and offices, not personalities. We distribute power between multiple offices--the GM is far from omnipotent.

- We care about progression, despite the fact we only raid 9 hours a week. To make the most of this time, we expect full dedication during the raid and up to date knowledge, gems, enchants, and flasks. Performance is monitored and poor performance leads to removal from the raid team.

If you think we are the guild for you, please submit an application, or contact one of our Recruiting Officers in game. ID: Blood#1586 ID: Epsi#1342

It's the little things....

Epsi aa posted Aug 21, 14
New Human Male models went in beta today, and I quickly noticed this....

(notice the eyes and eyebrows)

Kicking Up Recruiting

Epsi aa posted Aug 3, 14
Don't be scared by the new names, they're harmless. I think...
Thanks for posting that WOD gearig info Epsi
dont think ill be back till the xpac drops. with my new job the time we raid is really hard
Guild Recruitment is up and running for WOD! New or Old applicants should apply and add blood#1586 to battle tag. We are looking for talented and enjoyable teammates to fill out the Mythic raid team!
Lol wow. PG still alive and well. And even Craden posted something just a few days ago :sick: Can't believe this started a decade ago.
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