Mythic Oregorger Down!

Epsi aO posted May 5, 15

Great Work Everyone!

Tookie Great job everyone!

Heroic Blackhand Down!

Epsi aO posted Mar 24, 15

Probably shouldn't have used the selfie cam but he is dead in there somewhere :)

Krayons1337 nice screenshot epsi

What makes PG different?

Therosian aO posted Feb 12, 15
With every single raiding guild out there wanting to be the best, there are some that take a different approach to the game. We are that different approach.
- We're old. The guild was formed prior to the release of WoW (during open beta) and has always been a consistent presence in progression. We value individuals looking for an environment in which they deem comfortable to play in, and engage all members in that environment. 
-This is our home, and has always been. Majority of our members have been playing the game together for many years, and engage in activities outside the game together. This is a community of like minded individuals.
- We're organized. This means that the guild is organized around a constitution and offices, not personalities. We distribute power between multiple offices--the GM is far from omnipotent.
- We care about progression, despite the fact we only raid 9 hours a week. To make the most of this time, we expect full dedication during the raid and up to date knowledge, gems, enchants, and flasks. Performance is monitored and poor performance leads to removal from the raid team.
If you think we are the guild for you, please submit an application, or contact one of our Recruiting Officers in game. ID: Therosian#1875 ID: Epsi#1342

Mythic Garrosh DEAD!

Therosian aO posted Oct 20, 14


Happy father's day to all the dads
6.2 Offical 23 June
Flight is coming in a minor patch after 6.2.
Ugh. It kicked me and I can't log back on.