The Games We Play...

Epsi aa posted May 6, 14
Praetorian Guards is more more than just WoW. Our members play games from all different genre's. In addition to WoW we have an active guild on Diablo III, a Minecraft Server (where all are welcome to come help Epsi build his castle :)), and a RUST Server

If you're bored and have a few minutes to spare, challenge one of our old school members to a game of Hearthstone.

Many of us have pre-purchased Wildstar and we plan on having an active guild within it. Ever been interested in running a guild? We are currently looking for a Guild Leader to run our Wildstar chapter. All the backing of PG is at your disposal including the website and mumble. Speak with Epsi for more details.

Of course, if World of Warcraft is your thing, we plan on having an active following going into Warlords of Draenor and hitting mythic raiding hard. Think you have what it takes to join our ranks? Hit the checkout our recruitment page.

Thanks for visiting our site!

Heroic Thok 25

Muzek posted Apr 3, 14
Missed our first kill but I recorded our second.

Therosian a Figures we add the video where I was a sacrificial lamb right at the start...
While this wasn't our first kill, it was definitely one of our cleanest kills. Enjoy the video!

9 HC Bosses, One Night

Epsi aa posted Feb 20, 14

Great work everyone. Being as efficient as we were on Tuesday means more time in the week to work on progression. Heroic Thok anyone?

Thanks for your patience.

Yea, we stopped raiding til 6.0 hits. Summer months are just too much of a struggle to raid in.
You guys stop raiding in WoW?
Hey Giggity, there are a few of us around from DT days. Myself, Ragebringer, Nardriss, Therosian, and maybe a couple more I'm missing.
WOW! Been a long time since I've played, but I thought I'd drop in and see if any of the folks from when PG was on Drak'Tharon are around!
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