Praetorian Guards

Danevaelor a posted Mar 28, 17


<Praetorian Guards> is a progression guild on Sargeras-US in the Central Standard Time (-6 UTC). We aim to down content before it becomes irrelevant, and need exceptional raiders ready to optimally play their class with our limited raid schedule.


Our official raids are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8-11 CST (9-12 EST) (6-9 PST) with a 7 minute break at the top of each hour. On Fridays we have an optional alt run. We never go passed the scheduled time. We expect our raiders active in between the breaks, whether it is trash or bosses. If we're close to a kill we may or may not have extra days lined up to raid, but they are rare and far in between.

Required Add-ons

- RCLootCouncil

- Exorcus Raid Tools

- DBM/Bigwigs

- Weakauras

Loot System.

We are using RCLootCouncil to distribute loot. The council base these decisions mostly on percentage increase in damage, player skill and attendance. All current officers will be on the council and will vote on the best person to distribute loot towards. The voting window will be transparent to see the decisions. We are here to kill bosses, not play favorite.


We need you to have a good understanding of how to play your class optimally, and doing mechanics properly. We will always pick a raider who can do mechanics over a guy who tunnels for parses. The most essential thing in our raiding group is doing mechanics properly. Parses can come in farm, but wiping on bosses due to the same person killing us is absolutely unacceptable. If you do not think you can follow instructions we are not the guild for you.


Upon being accepted into the guild, an officer promotes you to recruit and gives a date in your guild note. During the trial, we look for raid awareness,performance, and attendance. After 2-3 weeks of raiding with us, our officers will decide to either promote you to raider or demote you to member. This is mainly to see if you can keep a good attitude, and mesh well with the team. If you can make the raid nights and try, you'll be promoted. Being a raider means access to more guild repairs and the bank and of course invites to raids. Member is our casual rank and have a choice be invited to our optional alt normal/heroic runs on Fridays.